ALFRED: allele frequency database
      The ALlele FREquency Database   
ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
supported by the Yale Center for Medical Informatics.
What is ALFRED?
ALFRED is a free, web-accessible, curated compilation of allele frequency data on DNA sequence polymorphisms in anthropologically defined human populations. ALFRED is distinct from such databases as dbSNP, which catalogs sequence variation. ALFRED's focus is on allele frequencies in diverse anthropologically defined populations. It is not a compendium of human DNA polymorphisms but of frequencies of selected polymorphisms with an emphasis on those that have been studied in multiple populations.

All of the data in ALFRED are considered to be in the public domain and available for use in research and teaching.

ALFRED is a work in progress. The structure and functionality of ALFRED are being revised in an ongoing process as time allows improvements to be implemented. We are also routinely adding new data and links to other databases. More..

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Ongoing funding of ALFRED is provided by NSF grant BCS0938633.
Previous funding for ALFRED was provided by NSF grant SBR-9632509, BCS0096588, BCS0725180 and BCS0840570.
Initial funding was partially supported by USPHS grants P01GM57672, R01AA09379, T15LM07056.

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