The ALlele FREquency Database   
ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
supported by the U. S. National Science Foundation.

FROG-kb (Forensic Resource and Reference On Genetics - knowledge base)

FROG-kb (Forensic Resource and Reference On Genetics - knowledge base) is a web interface that is useful for teaching and research and can serve as a tool facilitating forensic practice. FROG-kb seeks to make allele frequency data for SNPs and other genetic polymorphisms more useful in a forensic setting. The underlying data is in ALFRED. A paper on this knowledge base and web site has been published: Rajeevan et al. Investigative Genetics 2012, 3:18 . We have so far only implemented three functions; two general functions: the ability to enter genotypes of an individual at multiple SNPs and calculate likelihoods of that multisite genotype in each of several populations, and an eye color prediction function specific to a PISNP panel. These functions are possible for three types of SNP panels, IISNPs, AISNPs, and PISNPs, described in FROG-kb.

URL links exist to ALFRED from FROG-kb for more details and allele frequency data tables for specific populations not only for the panels themselves but also for each SNP from every panel. The same SNP panels in ALFRED have allele frequency tables for additional population samples. They have been excluded from FROG-kb since not all SNPs are typed on these samples and hence will not be included in the computations. There are SNP panels included under SNP sets in ALFRED that have not been entered into FROG-kb. These will be systematically entered into FROG-kb when a complete dataset is obtained with all the SNPs typed on enough population samples .

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