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Allele Frequency For Locus: rs722918 is intergenic between LOC100289542 and DPY19L2

Sites within this locus:


Sample UIDEntry DateAG
Africa Mbuti0.775 0.225 
(SA001673R) 8/14/2006) 
Africa Burunge0.750 0.250 
(SA001681Q) 8/14/2006) 
Africa African Americans0.845 0.155 
(SA001672Q) 8/14/2006) 
Africa Mende0.773 0.227 
(SA001684T) 8/14/2006) 
Europe European Americans0.963 0.037 
(SA001674S) 8/14/2006) 
Europe Spaniards0.947 0.053 
(SA001680P) 8/14/2006) 
Asia Asian, Mixed0.600 0.400 
(SA001685U) 8/14/2006) 
Asia Brahmin0.727 0.273 
(SA001678W) 8/14/2006) 
Asia Mala0.727 0.273 
(SA001679X) 8/14/2006) 
Oceania Melanesian, Nasioi0.368 0.632 
(SA001676U) 8/14/2006) 
Siberia Altaian0.850 0.150 
(SA001683S) 8/14/2006) 
NorthAmerica Nahuas0.675 0.325 
(SA001675T) 8/14/2006) 
NorthAmerica Puerto Rican0.875 0.125 
(SA001682R) 8/14/2006) 
SouthAmerica Quechua0.575 0.425 
(SA001677V) 8/14/2006) 

Total Population Samples 14
Total Alleles: 2

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