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FileDescriptionSizeCreated on
Microhap_alleleF_198.txt Allele frequency tables for 198 Microhaps - most on 96 population samples in text format (tab-delimited). Updated version of the previous file. Please use this file for your analysis. ~821KB12/06/2018

II and AISNP Panels

Up-to-date allele and genotype frequency tables for all the II and AI SNP panels can be downloaded from FROG-kb There are additional populations with frequency tables on individual markers from the panels that can be viewed from 'Polymorphism Information' page.

Selected Sets

FileDescriptionSizeCreated on
earwax_alleleF.txtTwo polymorphisms associated with 'ear wax' determinant type typed on 83 population samples in text format (tab-delimited) ~2KB9/7/2011
morn_eve_alleleF.txtA biallelic VNTR associated with ‘eveningness/morningness’ typed on 26 population samples in text format (tab-delimited) ~1KB9/7/2011
lactase_alleleF.txt6 polymorphisms associated with ‘lactase persistence’ typed on 5 population samples in text format (tab-delimited) ~3KB9/7/2011
TAS2R16_alleleF.txtTAS2R16 gene- coding polymorphisms typed on 60 population samples in text format (tab-delimited) ~18KB9/7/2011

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