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2016 -
Microhaplotype: Microhaplotype data added. Use 'microhap' or 'microhaplotype' in keyword search function to list the microhaplotypes. More information coming soon.

2011 -
Revised Homepage: We have revised ALFRED homepage. Follow the link 'New to ALFRED?' to view whats new in ALFRED.

2010 -
Revised FAQ: We have revised ALFRED FAQ page. Follow the link 'ALFRED FAQ' to view revised ALFRED FAQ page.

Recent Frequency Uploads: We have not been able to catch up with the different download and frequency display formats for some of the recent frequency uploads. Please bear with us while we systematically create these files.

SNP Sets: To view SNP sets and related information go to Search-> SNP Sets.

Download format for Arlequin: Allele frequency tables available in Arlequin format from individual polymorphism description pages.

Creating URLs to description pages:
Visit 'Documentation'->'AboutALFRED' ) to learn how to create URLs to ALFRED description pages.

Wiki for ALFRED Populations: Interested in annotating ALFRED populations? Visit ALFRED Wiki   and follow the instructions.  

2009 -
Map Interface Update: Now view allele frequency pie-charts on Google Map. For example here is the google map view of allele frequency pie-charts for rs1159918.
Fst and Avg Heterozygosity available at Summaries->Fst and Avg Het and 'Polymorphism Information' page.   ("Now Sortable").

Mapping Tables:
Two new downloadable files mapping ALFRED UID and Entrez Gene Id ( ALFREDGeneInfo.csv ) and ALFRED UID and dbSNP rsnumber ( ALFREDVariantInfo.csv ) can be obtained from 'Summaries'->'Downloads'.

Creating URLs to description pages:
Visit 'Documentation'->'AboutALFRED' ) to learn how to create URLs to ALFRED description pages.

2008 -
Graphical Overview: for markers typed on multiple populations. Shortcut .

09/05/07 - Genotype Data:Genotype data on individuals for selected sites from KiddLab are available now.
05/16/06 - Several pages in ALFRED has been upgraded.
(1) Take a look at the description pages (Locus, Polymorphism, Population and Sample).
(2) Users can now access loci alpabetically.
(3) More options in Keyword Search.
(4) UID and Author Search visible from the Search Menu
10/18/05 - We have started uploading genotype data. Click on the icon in the allele frequency tables to view the genotypes.
09/28/05 - The ALFRED Map Interface is ready for use. Try it yourself and let us know your comments.
03/17/05 - A suggested list of polymorphic sites to be possibly studied by the general population genetics community.
02/16/05 - ALFRED XML and DTD files have been updated to eliminate validation errors.
12/22/04 - A link to the ALFRED Flyer is available from the 'Home' tab.
09/07/04 - A new addition to ALFRED documentation, Tour of ALFRED.
06/15/04 - A new addition to ALFRED documentation, ALFRED FAQ.
05/05/04 - A new keyword search function has been introduced to ALFRED. You can also search with dbSNP rs and ss#s and GDB IDs. Try it out and let us know your comments and suggestions.
05/03/04 - A link to list all the Polymorphisms typed on a population has been added to the 'Population Information' page. Try it out and let us know your comments and suggestions.
02/03/04 - Check out the new additions to ALFRED, a page dedicated to References to Classical Markers and a new section to the AboutALFRED page, ALFRED Presentations.
01/02/04 - Check out our new tabbed menu for easier browsing and also be sure to try our World Map interface described above. If you encounter any difficulties in using the tabbed menu, access the pages from the Site Map.
12/19/03 - Under Table Numbers there is a new table of numbers of loci and polymorphisms in ALFRED by chromosome.
08/15/03 - ALFRED was down last night due to power failure in the city.
07/15/03 - ALFRED users can register now to receive updates on ALFRED via email.
05/20/03 - To find out if the frequencies from your publication are in ALFRED, go to Basic Search , and type in your last name in the "Search for publication by Author's last name" function.
04/22/03 - Data dump in XML format, is now available.
04/21/03 - New function in ALFRED. When you see the icon click on it for additional information.
04/18/03 - ALFRED was down this morning for hardware upgrade.
12/09/02 - We have migrated to Oracle Database. If you notice anything unusual, email us.
12/03/02 - We are about to change over to Oracle Database.
09/15/02 - A new graphical overview of the contents in ALFRED can be seen under Table Numbers .
06/25/02 - ALFRED was down this morning for a hardware upgrade.
04/25/02 - We have begun entering data from the literature. Please advise us of any problems you may encounter.
01/08/02 - Publication information is now output for populations.
12/05/01 - The "Typing Summary" page which listed the number of individuals typed for a sample and site was removed as it had grown too large.
10/28/01 - Some links to other databases have been corrupted due to changes in their address structure. We are working on fixing these links and will post a news item when they have been corrected. Addendum: these links have been fixed.
09/14/01 - A new tabular display of allele frequencies is now available using a link from the site information pages.
08/20/01 - Estimated heterozygosities are now available in graphic representation using a link from the population information pages for individual samples.
08/17/01 - Estimated heterozygosities are now available in graphic representation using a link from the site information pages.

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