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ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
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00ALFRED detailed record information

Locus Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus SymbolChromosomeBand Position
glycoprotein A33 (transmembrane)LO011690RGPA3311q24.1
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Locus Description: 
Sites within this locus ordered by their chromosomal position in the 37.3 NCBI build:
Site Name
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Chr-PositionStatus# Populations
rs6657398rs6657398   16701740975
rs1410245rs1410245   167018637114
rs4233414rs4233414   167021041114
rs12076250rs12076250   1670229207
rs4657625rs4657625   167026832114
rs12742013rs12742013   16703279675
rs4657629rs4657629   16703438275
rs1887537rs1887537   167035148114
rs3767430rs3767430   16703570275
rs12404508rs12404508   16703671475
rs10918613rs10918613   16703702575
rs2274531rs2274531   167042762114
rs12133648rs12133648   16704452775
rs10918616rs10918616   16704533375
rs10918618rs10918618   167045512114
rs10918621rs10918621   16705109275
rs12041287rs12041287   16705298875
rs7523434rs7523434   16705655676
rs2281962rs2281962   16705976079
rs2281960rs2281960   16705983375

- Kenneth K. Kidd et al. "Data unpublished".


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