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ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
supported by the Yale Center for Medical Informatics.
00ALFRED detailed record information

Locus Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus SymbolChromosomeBand Position
centrosomal protein 170kDaLO048442WCEP17011q44
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Locus Description: 
Sites within this locus ordered by their chromosomal position in the 37.3 NCBI build:
Site Name
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Chr-PositionStatus# Populations
rs4658538rs4658538   24330919178
rs3015157rs3015157   24332416875
rs10926958rs10926958   24333821675
rs12124014rs12124014   24337675776
rs12080886rs12080886   24338603675
rs11805599rs11805599   24338888175
rs4658547rs4658547   243391131114
rs10926974rs10926974   243396326114
rs10926977rs10926977   24341136775
rs3904683rs3904683   24341652575

- Kenneth K. Kidd et al. "Data unpublished".


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