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00ALFRED detailed record information

Locus Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus SymbolChromosomeBand Position
AKNA domain containing 1LO362332TAKNAD111p13.3
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Locus Description: AKNA domain containing 1
Sites within this locus ordered by their chromosomal position in the 37.3 NCBI build:
Site Name
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Chr-PositionStatus# Populations
rs12140541rs12140541   10935621675
rs10494098rs10494098   109356260114
rs17555648rs17555648   10935636275
rs11807463rs11807463   10935652475
rs17029052rs17029052   10935655075
rs1277213rs1277213   109359502116
rs2788437rs2788437   10936411775
rs7522157rs7522157   109366286114
rs7529592rs7529592   10936655475
rs10857968rs10857968   109367944116
rs7551421rs7551421   10936991576
rs11102515rs11102515   10937187475
rs12059541rs12059541   10937408750
rs1277014rs1277014   109386466114
rs7542337rs7542337   109389021114
rs1149144rs1149144   10939102775
rs1149143rs1149143   10939107475
rs10776762rs10776762   10939271575
rs1277203rs1277203   10939283775
rs9440550rs9440550   109392901114
rs12405585rs12405585   10939722978
rs17621621rs17621621   109398917114
rs7519409rs7519409   10939966075
rs7551313rs7551313   109399881114
rs17621851rs17621851   10940083575

- Kenneth K. Kidd et al. "Data unpublished".


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