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Geographic Location1:  27.5N, 94E; 27N, 95.5E  

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Population Description: The Sonowal Kachari is a large agriculturally based tribal group who is, for the most part, concentrated in the Dibrugarh district in the northeastern region of the state of Assam. The Sonowal Kachari tribe is composed of seven exogamous clans whose societal structure is patrilineal in a hierarchical union with age. Thus, the eldest male has the highest status in the tribe. The Sonowal Kachari are primarily devout followers of Mohapurisia Baisnav Dharma.

Sonowal Kacharis are a Bodo tribe and belong to the Tibetoburman language family. Other Kachari groups such as the Bodo, Jharua, Thengal etc., still speak the Bodo language. However, the Sonowals have spoken the the Assamese language for many years because they have been surrounded by Assamese speaking caste populations. Therefore, they now speak Assamese.
- Barua I, Phukan R. "Socio-religious aspect of health among Sonowal Kachari ". Eastern anthropologist 51:351-62. (1998)

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- Sonowal CJ. "Identity crisis and revivalism among the Sonowal Kacharis: a plain tribe of Assam ". Man in India 75:49-58. (1995)

Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Kachari

Sample UID: SA000276P

Sample Description:The sample is of Kachari, a tribal Asian population from the plains of the northeast Indian state of Assam.

Number of Chromosomes: 100

Relation to Other Samples:

- Parra E, Saha N, Soemantri AG, McGarvey ST, Hundrieser J, Shriver MD, Deka R. "Genetic Variation at 9 autosomal Microsatellite Loci in Asian and Pacific Populations". Hum. Biol. 71:757-779. (1999) Online citation.

Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Sonowal Kachari

Sample UID: SA000040E

Sample Description:This sample is composed of the Sonowal Kachari group, who are mostly concentrated in the Dibrugarh district in the northeastern region of the state of Assam. This sample is represented by cell lines established by Dr. J.R. Kidd from blood samples provided by Dr. Ranjan Deka.

Number of Chromosomes: 36

Relation to Other Samples:

- Balazs I, Neuweiler J, Gunn P, Kidd JR, Kidd KK, Kuhl J, Mingjun L "Human population genetic studies using hypervariable loci. I. Analysis of Assamese, Australian, Cambodian, Caucasian, Chinese and Melanesian populations". Genetics 131:191-98. (1992) Online citation.

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Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Kachari from Assam

Sample UID: SA004706R

Sample Description:This sample consists of Kachari individuals from Assam (South Asia). Written informed consent was obtained from all individuals. This sample is part of Caixia Li's group in Institute of Forensic Science, Beijing, China. It was provided by the Kenneth K. Kidd's laboratory to Caixia lab.

Number of Chromosomes: 26

Relation to Other Samples:

- Jiang L, Wei YL, Zhao L, Li N, Liu T, Liu HB, Ren LJ, Li JL, Hao HF, Li Q, Li CX. "Global analysis of population stratification using a smart panel of 27 continental ancestry-informative SNPs". Forensic Sci Int Genet. 35:e10-e12. (2018) Online citation.

1Geographic Coordinates represent two opposite corners of a rectangle encompassing the area where the population lives.This data is preliminary and changing.


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