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Population Information

NameALFRED UIDPrimary LanguageLanguage Family
MalinkePO000284OMANINKAKAN, WESTERNNiger-Congo

Synonyms: Mandinka ;
Geographic Location1:  23N, 15W; 7N, 0W  

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Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Malinke (Guinea)

Sample UID: SA000399V

Sample Description:This sample consist of young adults living in sub-Saharan Africa, mainly males, for whom information on their parents' ethnic background has been obtained.

Number of Chromosomes: 60

Relation to Other Samples:

- Zekraoui L, Lagarde JP, Raisonnier A, Gerard N, Aouizerate A, Lucotte G. "High Frequency of the Apolipoprotein E*4 Allele in African Pygmies and Most of the African Populations in Sub-Saharan Africa". Hum. Biol. 69:575-81. (1997) Online citation.

Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Gambian in Western Division , Mandinka (GWD)

Sample UID: SA004243N

Sample Description:This sample consists of individuals from the Western District of The Gambia parent-adult child trios who identified themselves as Mandinka. All parents in the trios identified themselves as having Mandinka parents of at least two generations.

This sample is part of the 1000 genomes sample collections.

Number of Chromosomes: 226

Relation to Other Samples:

- 1000 genomes phase1 samples data Online citation.

- 1000genomes project samples page Online citation.

1Geographic Coordinates represent two opposite corners of a rectangle encompassing the area where the population lives.This data is preliminary and changing.


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