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Geographic Location1:  33N, 114W; 37N, 110W  

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Sample Information:

Graph estimated heterozygosities for various sites

Sample Name: Yavapai

Sample UID: SA004395V

Sample Description:"This sample consists of Yavapai individuals. The Yavapai are a Native American tribe with a seminomadic and hunter-gatherer history and a geographic distribution

Number of Chromosomes: 124

Relation to Other Samples:

- Wendt FR, Churchill JD, Novroski NM, King JL, Ng J, Oldt RF, McCulloh KL, Weise JA, Smith DG, Kanthaswamy S, Budowle B "Genetic analysis of the Yavapai Native Americans from West-Central Arizona using the Illumina MiSeq FGx forensic genomics system". Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2:18-23. (2016) Online citation.

1Geographic Coordinates represent two opposite corners of a rectangle encompassing the area where the population lives.This data is preliminary and changing.


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