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Polymorphism Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus NameLocus Symbol
D12S1344 dinucleotide STRPSI000796WD12S1344D12S1344
Synonyms: MAPKAPK5 ;
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Polymorphism Description:  This STRP located 83 kb downstream of exon 12 Glu487Lys functional variant(UID=SI000734O)of gene ALDH2 consists of the dinucleotide sequence (CA) repeated between 11 and 25 times. By the protocol given, the products (including flanking sequence) of the PCR range in size from 222 bp for a 11-repeat allele to 250 bp for a 25-repeat allele.D12S1344 is known to be located within intron 9 of gene MAPKAPK5.
Allele NameAllele SymbolDescription
2222225'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)11 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2242245'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)12 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2262265'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)13 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2282285'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)14 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2302305'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)15 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2322325'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)16 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2342345'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)17 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2362365'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)18 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2382385'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)19 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2402405'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)20 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2422425'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)21 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2442445'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)22 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2462465'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)23 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2482485'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)24 ttctgtccttctttt-3'
2502505'-atcgttttctgggata (CA)25 ttctgtccttctttt-3'

- Oota H, Pakstis AJ, Bonne-Tamir B, Goldman D, Grigorenko E, Kajuna SL, Karoma NJ, Kungulilo S, Lu RB, Odunsi K, Okonofua F, Zhukova OV, Kidd JR, Kidd KK. "The evolution and population genetics of the ALDH2 locus: random genetic drift, selection, and low levels of recombination". Ann Hum Genet 68:93-109. (2004)
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