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Polymorphism Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus NameLocus Symbol
C___9506827_10SI001020DTaste receptor, type 2, member 38 TAS2R38
FstAvg Het# Populations Typed
Synonyms: rs1726866 ; Val262Ala ;
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Estimated Heterozygosity: 
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Polymorphism Description:  C___9506827_10 is an ABI Assays-on-DemandTM SNP Genotyping Assay ID.This is a A/G SNP.

The A/G alleles are those that are on the forward strand

Ancestral Allele:  A
Allele NameAllele SymbolDescription
AA5'-tcagtaggggcacagagatgaaggca A cacaggatgatatcacaaagaagc-3'
GG5'-tcagtaggggcacagagatgaaggca G cacaggatgatatcacaaagaagc-3'

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- Kim UK, Jorgenson E, Coon H, Leppert M, Risch N, Drayna D. "Positional cloning of the human quantitative trait locus underlying taste sensitivity to phenylthiocarbamide". Science. 299:1221-5. (2003) Online citation.

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