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Polymorphism Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus NameLocus Symbol
5-site haplotypeSI001218Mb-globin gene clusterHBB@
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Polymorphism Description:  The 5 sites ordered from 5' to 3' are
HincII site 5' to HBE1 (hemoglobin, epsilon 1) gene (UID=SI001219N)
HindIII site in HBG2 (hemoglobin, gamma G) gene (UID=SI001220F)
HindIII site in HBG1 (hemeglobin, gamma A) gene (UID=SI001221G)
HincII site in HBBP1 (hemoglobin, beta pseudogene 1) (UID=SI000810J)
HincII site 3' to HBBP1 (hemeglobin, beta pseudogene 1) (UID=SI000811K)

The alleles are described as '+' for site present and '-' for site absent.
Allele NameAllele SymbolDescription

- Mattevi VS, Fiegenbaum M, Salzano FM, Weiss KM, Moore J, Monsalve MV, Devine DV, Hutz MH. "Beta-globin gene cluster haplotypes in two North American indigenous populations". Am J Phys Anthropol. 112:311-317. (2000)
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