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Polymorphism Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus NameLocus Symbol
Leu374PheSI003963VSolute carrier family 45, member 2SLC45A2
FstAvg Het# Populations Typed
Synonyms: L374F ; rs16891982 ;
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Estimated Heterozygosity: 
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Polymorphism Description:  This is a C/G SNP in exon 5 of the SLC45A2 gene. This SNP results in the non-synonymous substitution of Leucine (TTG) -> Phenylalanine (TTC) at aminoacid position 374 of the gene. The derived allele C=Phe on the coding/reverse strand, is associated with light skin color and is common only in populations of European ancestry. This SNP is commonly included in panels of ancestry informative SNPs and in phenotype informative markers.

Note: The alleles and the flanking sequence are those on the forward strand and the gene is on the reverse strand.

Note: For this symmetrical substitution the SNPforID browser and Snipper use the SNaPshot allele designation which is on the reverse strand. The flanking sequence and the allele frequencies in ALFRED corresponds to the forward strand.

Ancestral Allele:  C (on the + strand)
Allele NameAllele SymbolDescription
CC5' -ggaaaacacggagttgatgca C AA gccccaacatccaacctcg - 3'
GG5' -ggaaaacacggagttgatgca G AA gccccaacatccaacctcg - 3'

- Yuasa I, Umetsu K, Watanabe G, Nakamura H, Endoh M, Irizawa Y. "MATP polymorphisms in Germans and Japanese: the L374F mutation as a population marker for Caucasoids". Int J Legal Med. 118:364-366. (2004)
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