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Polymorphism Information

NameALFRED UIDLocus NameLocus Symbol
5-site haplotypeSI003966YSolute carrier family 45, member 2SLC45A2
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Polymorphism Description:  The 5 sites ordered from 5¿ to 3¿ are
Glu272Lys (UID=SI003961T)
(AAC)n STRP (UID=SI003965X)
Thr329Thr (UID=SI003962U)
Leu374Phe (UID=SI003963V)
Val507Leu (UID=SI003964W)

Allele NameAllele SymbolDescription
A-4-A-G-GA-4-A-G-GLys-4 repeat-Thr(A)-Leu-Val
A-4-G-C-GA-4-G-C-GLys-4 repeat-Thr(G)-Phe-Val
A-4-G-G-GA-4-G-G-GLys-4 repeat-Thr(G)-Leu-Val
G-4-A-G-CG-4-A-G-CGlu-4 repeat-Thr(A)-Leu-Leu
G-4-G-C-GG-4-G-C-GGlu-4 repeat-Thr(G)-Phe-Val
G-4-G-G-GG-4-G-G-GGlu-4 repeat-Thr(G)-Leu-Val
G-5-A-G-GG-5-A-G-GGlu-5 repeat-Thr(A)-Leu-Val
G-5-G-G-GG-5-G-G-GGlu-5 repeat-Thr(G)-Leu-Val

- Yuasa I, Umetsu K, Watanabe G, Nakamura H, Endoh M, Irizawa Y. "MATP polymorphisms in Germans and Japanese: the L374F mutation as a population marker for Caucasoids". Int J Legal Med. 118:364-366. (2004)
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