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Sample Description: The Sandawe are a small group of people numbering about 40,000 found in North Central Tanzania in the Dodoma Region, Kondoa District; in close proximity to Kondoa town, just between the Mponde and Bubu rivers. The Sandawe are considered to be a tiny remnant of a race of people that originally lived over much of Africa. The Sandawe language includes click sounds as consonants and is also tonal. Totally unrelated to other languages around them, it is difficult to learn. The language is related to the languages of the Bushmen (San) and Hottentots (Khoi) of southern Africa and is classified as a Khoisan language. The Sandawe are racially different from the surrounding tribes. Whereas most of the tribes in Tanzania are Bantu, the Sandawe are San. They have lighter skin and are smaller; with knotty hair like that of the Bushmen, commonly referred to as peppercorn hair. They have the epicanthic fold of the eyelid (like East Asian peoples) common to the Bushmen.

The sampling was confined to an area covering five villages and localities of the Sandawe; namely Kurio, Kwamtoro, Mongoroma, Munguri, and Ovada where the populations are more homogeneous.
- Kenneth K. Kidd et al. "Data unpublished".

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