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Sample Description: The Azores if a Portuguese archipelago located in the North Atlantic composed of 9 small volcanic islands. The first settlers arrived in the mid 15th century and were mainly Portuguese, but the peopling was a slow and difficult process. The language spoken is Portuguese.

This sample consists of unrelated blood donors from the Azores. The majority of this sample came from the biggest island, Sao Miguel. However, the population present on this island corresponds to around 54% fo the whole Azorean population.
- Branco CC, Palla R, Lino S, Pacheco PR, Cabral R, De Fez L, Peixoto BR, Mota-Vieira L. "Assessment of Azorean ancestry by Alu insertion polymorphisms". Am J Hum Biol. 18:223-226. (2006) Online citation.

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