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Sample Information:

Population NameSample NameALFRED UIDNumber of Chromosomes
HanHan, HGDP-CEPHSA002253M88

Relation to Other Samples: Subset of SA001483Q
Estimated heterozygosities for various sites: 
Sample Description: This sample is part of the Human Genome Diversity Cell Line Panel collected by the Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) and the Foundation Jean Dausset (CEPH). This is a sample of Han Chinese living in the San Francisco, California. Collected by L. Cavalli-Sforza (Stanford University), K.K. Kidd, and J.R. Kidd.

This sample is known as dataset "H1048" and is a subset of SA001483Q.

Note: In many publications subset H952 of the HGDP panel (with first and second degree relatives excluded from the original set) was typed and for this population that decreases the sample size (Han(s.china)) from 35 to 34 individuals.
- Conrad DF, Jakobsson M, Coop G, Wen X, Wall JD, Rosenberg NA, Pritchard JK. "A worldwide survey of haplotype variation and linkage disequilibrium in the human genome". Nat Genet. 38:1251-1260. (2006) Online citation.

- Rosenberg NA. "Standardized subsets of the HGDP-CEPH Human Genome Diversity Cell Line Panel, accounting for atypical and duplicated samples and pairs of close relatives.". Ann Hum Genet. 70:841-847. (2006) Online citation.

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