ALFRED: allele frequency database
      The ALlele FREquency Database   
ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
supported by the Yale Center for Medical Informatics.

Sample Information:

Population NameSample NameALFRED UIDNumber of Chromosomes

Relation to Other Samples: 
Estimated heterozygosities for various sites: 
Sample Description: This sample was collected from Chinese Han in from Guangzhou (southeast China). This sample was obtained from the Department of Biochemistry of the Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences (Guangzhou, China).
- Xiao FX, Gilissen A, Gu XX, Cassiman JJ, Decorte R. "Genetic data obtained for two Chinese Han populations with a quadruplex fluorescent STR typing system (HUMVWA, HUMTH01, D21S11 and HPRT)". Int J Legal Med 111:343-345. (1998) Online citation.

- Xiao FX, Yang JF, Cassiman JJ, Decorte R "Diversity at eight polymorphic Alu insertion loci in Chinese populations shows evidence for European admixture in an ethnic minority population from northwest China". Hum Biol 74:555-68. (2002) Online citation.

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