ALFRED: allele frequency database
      The ALlele FREquency Database   
ALFRED is a resource of gene frequency data on human populations
supported by the Yale Center for Medical Informatics.

Sample Information:

Population NameSample NameALFRED UIDNumber of Chromosomes

Relation to Other Samples: 
Estimated heterozygosities for various sites: 
Sample Description: This sample consists of unrelated healthy residents in Casablanca (the industrial capital of Morocco) where the urban growth is maintained by immigration from all parts of Morocco (the urban residents represent a sample of the population of the whole area from which the immigrants have originated).
- Chbel F, de Pancorbo MM, Martinez-Bouzas C, Azeddoug H, Alvarez-Alvarez M, Rodriguez-Tojo MJ, Nadifi S "Polymorphism of Six Alu Insertions in Morocco: Comparative Study between Arabs, Berbers, and Casablanca Residents". Russian Journal of Genetics 39:1184-1190. (2003) Online citation.

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