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Locus Symbol (UID)Chrom# Sites
A1BG (LO098153A)192  
A1CF (LO039626A)1022  
A2LD1 (LO376554E)139  
A2M (LO038588G)1216  
A2ML1 (LO040147Q)1236  
A2MP1 (LO375887M)123  
A3GALT2P (LO362836C)11  
A4GALT (LO037647B)2215  
A4GNT (LO063170R)33  
AAA1 (LO004739X)794  
AAAS (LO240777B)123  
AACP (LO289193G)81  
AACS (LO044279A)1217  
AACSP1 (LO368860F)58  
AADAC (LO027923X)38  
AADACL2 (LO007755Y)38  
AADACL3 (LO146702U)110  
AADACL4 (LO056063U)17  
AADAT (LO188160Y)46  
AAGAB (LO378106Z)157  
AAK1 (LO010273N)245  
AANAT (LO379876O)171  
AARS (LO082690Z)163  
AARS2 (LO042270P)68  
AARSD1 (LO002725Q)176  
AASDH (LO056717A)411  
AASDHPPT (LO047011N)113  
AASS (LO030665U)710  
AATF (LO047593C)1718  
AATK (LO250797E)175  
AATK-AS1 (LO379393I)177  
ABAT (LO041501L)1649  
ABCA1 (LO018579E)968  
ABCA10 (LO031219Q)1716  
ABCA11P (LO367174C)43  
ABCA12 (LO003737U)256  
ABCA13 (LO001351K)7123  
ABCA17P (LO378846K)168  
ABCA2 (LO290382Y)92  
ABCA3 (LO073737B)169  
ABCA4 (LO003557U)198  
ABCA5 (LO062648A)1714  
ABCA6 (LO125646Y)1713  
ABCA7 (LO027624V)1910  
ABCA8 (LO117987H)1718  
ABCA9 (LO035570U)1721  
ABCB1 (LO000310E)737  
ABCB10 (LO047973E)15  
ABCB11 (LO007786C)246  
ABCB4 (LO019925A)724  
ABCB5 (LO010893V)763  
ABCB7 (LO223828Z)X6  
ABCB8 (LO011555R)75  
ABCB9 (LO053305Q)123  
ABCC1 (LO044646Y)1677  
ABCC10 (LO082604U)65  
ABCC11 (LO000792S)1613  
ABCC12 (LO006151N)1612  
ABCC13 (LO009846B)2134  
ABCC2 (LO101621L)1012  
ABCC3 (LO011253M)1711  
ABCC4 (LO001812M)13148  
ABCC5 (LO010837T)325  
ABCC6 (LO090477B)1624  
ABCC8 (LO002483R)1140  
ABCC9 (LO001170J)1233  
ABCD1 (LO291514W)X1  
ABCD2 (LO046004O)127  
ABCD3 (LO027608X)112  
ABCD4 (LO037169A)149  
ABCF1 (LO097515B)64  
ABCF2 (LO218451V)75  
ABCF3 (LO092236W)33  
ABCG1 (LO005285U)2141  
ABCG2 (LO012785X)419  
ABCG4 (LO218546A)114  
ABCG5 (LO021651P)214  
ABCG8 (LO022621N)226  
ABHD1 (LO236128W)23  
ABHD10 (LO061938B)39  
ABHD11 (LO037851Y)73  
ABHD12 (LO186407A)205  
ABHD12B (LO019351T)1411  
ABHD13 (LO102236O)135  
ABHD14B (LO365464C)31  
ABHD15 (LO379348I)171  
ABHD16A (LO369711B)62  
ABHD2 (LO005300I)1536  
ABHD3 (LO054516V)185  
ABHD4 (LO057810V)1417  
ABHD5 (LO178647H)34  
ABHD6 (LO106240N)38  
ABI1 (LO020689Z)1020  
ABI1P1 (LO377612A)141  
ABI2 (LO067100O)26  
ABI3 (LO011251K)174  
ABI3BP (LO026872Z)388  
ABL1 (LO037753Z)937  
ABL2 (LO081825Y)112  
ABLIM1 (LO004395V)1091  
ABLIM2 (LO012997C)488  
ABLIM3 (LO015465V)538  
ABO (LO000384P)920  
ABP1 (LO025683Y)75  
ABR (LO001140G)1759  
ABRA (LO017178Y)83  
ABT1 (LO084018V)63  
ABTB1 (LO321007N)33  
ABTB2 (LO026628Y)1187  
ACAA1 (LO118828C)33  
ACAA2 (LO000577T)187  
ACACA (LO001855T)1731  
ACACB (LO020844S)1247  
ACAD10 (LO044482W)1212  
ACAD11 (LO042144P)39  
ACAD8 (LO030625Q)113  
ACAD9 (LO137862B)34  
ACADL (LO081270S)24  
ACADM (LO000198S)116  
ACADS (LO044475Y)122  
ACADSB (LO047331S)1010  
ACADVL (LO379762I)171  
ACAN (LO020295S)1535  
ACAP1 (LO379528I)174  
ACAP2 (LO365549G)317  
ACAP3 (LO362759G)11  
ACAT1 (LO046751X)118  
ACAT2 (LO218433V)63  
ACBD3 (LO028324T)19  
ACBD4 (LO011315L)171  
ACBD5 (LO039822Y)109  
ACBD6 (LO008160P)121  
ACBD7 (LO027558B)106  
ACCN1 (LO014757Y)17468  
ACCN2 (LO045938D)125  
ACCN3 (LO177108Y)71  
ACCN4 (LO125554W)25  
ACCN5 (LO013625R)46  
ACCS (LO374718E)1115  
ACCSL (LO374717D)118  
ACD (LO378522B)161  
ACE (LO000205H)1717  
ACE2 (LO008684A)X10  
ACE3 (LO379601A)172  
ACER1 (LO380762A)198  
ACER2 (LO373664D)917  
ACER3 (LO374837G)1119  
ACHE (LO110029N)71  
ACIN1 (LO001421I)148  
ACLY (LO073844A)173  
ACMSD (LO022470P)29  
ACN9 (LO024835W)710  
ACO1 (LO038357A)929  
ACO2 (LO083083W)2212  
ACOT11 (LO038227W)132  
ACOT12 (LO002677W)519  
ACOT13 (LO369774K)68  
ACOT2 (LO377846J)141  
ACOT4 (LO271222Q)142  
ACOT6 (LO102629U)143  
ACOT7 (LO056053T)113  
ACOT8 (LO037786F)205  
ACOT9 (LO020555R)X13  
ACOX1 (LO054170R)1711  
ACOX2 (LO061936Z)310  
ACOX3 (LO013351N)425  
ACOXL (LO001159Q)2104  
ACP1 (LO000272L)23  
ACP2 (LO012775W)111  
ACP5 (LO184947H)193  
ACP6 (LO081700Q)112  
ACPL2 (LO025445U)327  
ACPP (LO048916C)310  
ACR (LO186710X)222  
ACRV1 (LO060147S)112  
ACSBG1 (LO018376Z)1527  
ACSBG2 (LO027467A)198  
ACSF2 (LO066019W)1710  
ACSF3 (LO054098A)1612  
ACSL1 (LO014201I)416  
ACSL3 (LO029397E)215  
ACSL4 (LO110086Q)X7  
ACSL5 (LO010778X)1013  
ACSL6 (LO016686B)515  
ACSM1 (LO004943U)1616  
ACSM2A (LO162604T)169  
ACSM2B (LO143659C)165  
ACSM3 (LO065760Y)163  
ACSM4 (LO038596F)122  
ACSM5 (LO065764C)1612  
ACSS1 (LO067835D)2019  
ACSS2 (LO248329C)207  
ACSS3 (LO031389Y)1252  
ACTA1 (LO300543P)12  
ACTA2 (LO002759X)1010  
ACTB (LO115561T)73  
ACTBL2 (LO368731C)54  
ACTBP11 (LO363205T)11  
ACTBP2 (LO131317Q)55  
ACTBP8 (LO000539R)63  
ACTBP9 (LO380096A)187  
ACTC1 (LO117738B)156  
ACTG1 (LO173062T)172  
ACTG1P1 (LO365630X)31  
ACTG1P9 (LO370493A)61  
ACTG2 (LO021489Y)221  
ACTL6A (LO035826Y)34  
ACTL6B (LO229965H)73  
ACTL7A (LO050820P)97  
ACTL7B (LO028640U)97  
ACTL8 (LO046611S)15  
ACTL9 (LO380957G)194  
ACTN1 (LO016484X)1453  
ACTN2 (LO038297D)136  
ACTN3 (LO248289H)116  
ACTN4 (LO001108K)1915  
ACTR10 (LO019272V)143  
ACTR1A (LO187050V)102  
ACTR1B (LO067548E)21  
ACTR2 (LO173170T)29  
ACTR3 (LO074512T)210  
ACTR3B (LO320242N)73  
ACTR3C (LO363554A)72  
ACTR3P1 (LO377458I)148  
ACTR3P2 (LO383328B)X1  
ACTR3P3 (LO365642A)36  
ACTR5 (LO030407O)207  
ACTR6 (LO101351L)125  
ACTR8 (LO028245V)33  
ACTRT1 (LO271120N)X1  
ACTRT2 (LO137279D)13  
ACVR1 (LO032495X)231  
ACVR1B (LO064295A)128  
ACVR1C (LO067490A)215  
ACVR2A (LO104525R)26  
ACVR2B (LO186236A)34  
ACVRL1 (LO028199D)1210  
ACY3 (LO038242T)114  
ACYP1 (LO157085A)141  
ACYP2 (LO004585W)253  
ADA (LO000293O)2014  
ADAD1 (LO069049C)43  
ADAD2 (LO218140Q)166  
ADAL (LO217911V)152  
ADAM1 (LO011053K)121  
ADAM10 (LO073253U)1529  
ADAM11 (LO011199V)175  
ADAM12 (LO007192T)10200  
ADAM15 (LO061841U)16  
ADAM17 (LO001129N)211  
ADAM18 (LO018167X)824  
ADAM19 (LO015609V)532  
ADAM2 (LO017157V)826  
ADAM20 (LO064634X)144  
ADAM21 (LO073000K)147  
ADAM21P1 (LO377700Y)141  
ADAM22 (LO024201J)744  
ADAM23 (LO019527Y)233  
ADAM24P (LO372744B)811  
ADAM28 (LO020542N)811  
ADAM29 (LO013127O)412  
ADAM30 (LO080558A)14  
ADAM32 (LO070830S)825  
ADAM33 (LO207048V)206  
ADAM3A (LO320886B)81  
ADAM5P (LO017163S)812  
ADAM7 (LO017892B)815  
ADAM8 (LO061975C)103  
ADAM9 (LO050096U)820  
ADAMDEC1 (LO071129U)87  
ADAMTS1 (LO011722N)2125  
ADAMTS10 (LO221484V)193  
ADAMTS12 (LO005165R)5145  
ADAMTS13 (LO071436V)92  
ADAMTS14 (LO020669X)1072  
ADAMTS15 (LO060227R)115  
ADAMTS16 (LO006495Y)5125  
ADAMTS17 (LO004431M)15166  
ADAMTS18 (LO006785A)1694  
ADAMTS19 (LO001662P)559  
ADAMTS2 (LO000639S)586  
ADAMTS20 (LO034149V)1230  
ADAMTS3 (LO008713T)436  
ADAMTS4 (LO047633X)13  
ADAMTS5 (LO010902M)2129  
ADAMTS6 (LO014745V)575  
ADAMTS7 (LO007279Z)157  
ADAMTS8 (LO023081O)1111  
ADAMTS9 (LO020091M)376  
ADAMTS9-AS2 (LO365450X)3112  
ADAMTSL1 (LO006187W)9240  
ADAMTSL3 (LO023460P)1581  
ADAMTSL4 (LO353461W)15  
ADAMTSL5 (LO171142Q)192  
ADAP1 (LO372158A)72  
ADAP2 (LO379470E)176  
ADAR (LO010386S)113  
ADARB1 (LO011611K)2142  
ADARB2 (LO003171M)10292  
ADAT1 (LO164915A)164  
ADAT2 (LO194389I)66  
ADAT3 (LO380751Y)191  
ADC (LO028134S)14  
ADCK1 (LO003465S)1460  
ADCK2 (LO200173N)73  
ADCK3 (LO362367B)115  
ADCK4 (LO196207Z)195  
ADCK5 (LO078169F)83  
ADCY1 (LO024371R)732  
ADCY10 (LO361958G)138  
ADCY2 (LO004378W)5152  
ADCY3 (LO021484T)223  
ADCY4 (LO029914Z)146  
ADCY5 (LO028709A)334  
ADCY6 (LO058379G)125  
ADCY7 (LO040770S)169  
ADCY8 (LO005685Y)8104  
ADCY9 (LO026736Y)1672  
ADCYAP1 (LO104120I)186  
ADCYAP1R1 (LO024330M)724  
ADD1 (LO000596U)413  
ADD2 (LO026308T)248  
ADD3 (LO059218Z)1012  
ADGRB3 (LO384015V)61  
ADH Cluster (LO000381M)43  
ADH1A (LO000422I)49  
ADH1B (LO000002C)422  
ADH1C (LO000228M)420  
ADH4 (LO000423J)415  
ADH5 (LO000424K)410  
ADH5P2 (LO362414U)13  
ADH5P4 (LO370024Q)66  
ADH6 (LO000425L)47  
ADH7 (LO000229N)426  
ADHFE1 (LO037858F)89  
ADI1 (LO022099W)26  
ADIG (LO260671W)201  
ADIPOQ (LO138765E)39  
ADIPOR1 (LO010067O)110  
ADIPOR2 (LO037821V)1219  
ADK (LO001793U)1049  
ADM (LO228955F)111  
ADM2 (LO352455Y)222  
ADNP (LO144749D)209  
ADNP2 (LO037935B)188  
ADO (LO123633S)101  
ADORA1 (LO041917W)125  
ADORA2A (LO185045X)221  
ADORA2B (LO028820U)174  
ADORA2BP1 (LO362762A)13  
ADORA3 (LO030967Z)136  
ADPGK (LO095700V)156  
ADPRH (LO092229Y)36  
ADPRHL1 (LO078984K)137  
ADPRHL2 (LO202151L)12  
ADRA1A (LO017018R)855  
ADRA1B (LO003217N)519  
ADRA1D (LO132936Y)208  
ADRA2A (LO151070O)103  
ADRA2B (LO187434B)21  
ADRA2C (LO107128T)41  
ADRB1 (LO218647C)101  
ADRB2 (LO000206I)513  
ADRB3 (LO000591P)81  
ADRBK1 (LO064063T)113  
ADRBK2 (LO017059W)2264  
ADSL (LO333203O)221  
ADSS (LO048457C)114  
ADSSL1 (LO061946A)143  
ADTRP (LO383699M)62  
AEBP1 (LO006392U)72  
AEBP2 (LO038573A)1217  
AEN (LO378203X)154  
AES (LO213232N)196  
AF357532 (LO055300N)14  
AF357533 (LO079588L)11  
AFAP1 (LO013970U)470  
AFAP1-AS1 (LO367387I)44  
AFAP1L1 (LO015933V)528  
AFAP1L2 (LO028347Y)1026  
AFF1 (LO005497Z)450  
AFF2 (LO004627T)X90  
AFF3 (LO021600J)2114  
AFF4 (LO015923U)58  
AFG3L1P (LO378837K)164  
AFG3L2 (LO054349Z)188  
AFG3L2P1 (LO372693E)82  
AFM (LO092520S)47  
AFMID (LO011324L)175  
AFP (LO012932R)46  
AFTPH (LO023037P)215  
AGA (LO186311U)44  
AGAP1 (LO363642Y)2138  
AGAP11 (LO383709E)101  
AGAP2 (LO376030T)123  
AGAP3 (LO372405V)75  
AGBL1 (LO019134S)15280  
AGBL2 (LO086091Y)117  
AGBL3 (LO062019S)717  
AGBL4 (LO003054M)1209  
AGBL5 (LO056328Y)22  
AGER (LO369820C)63  
AGFG1 (LO363562Z)29  
AGFG2 (LO372439C)72  
AGGF1 (LO016434S)54  
AGK (LO049780C)78  
AGL (LO011561O)124  
AGMAT (LO063152R)12  
AGMO (LO371716Z)753  
AGPAT1 (LO177173A)62  
AGPAT2 (LO023312L)94  
AGPAT3 (LO011775V)2155  
AGPAT4 (LO005004J)663  
AGPAT5 (LO017882A)821  
AGPAT6 (LO033744V)89  
AGPAT9 (LO366746G)49  
AGPHD1 (LO378020U)155  
AGPS (LO009225S)214  
AGR2 (LO024601N)716  
AGR3 (LO024126P)711  
AGT (LO000236L)1105  
AGTPBP1 (LO040719V)925  
AGTR1 (LO000207J)316  
AGTR2 (LO257081X)X1  
AGTRAP (LO061986E)15  
AGXT (LO022490R)22  
AGXT2 (LO011138O)531  
AGXT2L1 (LO014537U)49  
AGXT2L2 (LO015978E)512  
AHCTF1 (LO027071R)120  
AHCTF1P1 (LO364373A)22  
AHCY (LO079962H)203  
AHCYL1 (LO080502P)18  
AHCYL2 (LO371434W)719  
AHDC1 (LO011116K)16  
AHI1 (LO037625X)627  
AHNAK (LO047070S)1133  
AHNAK2 (LO019439A)146  
AHR (LO000300D)712  
AHRR (LO016027Q)536  
AHSA1 (LO020208M)1414  
AHSA2 (LO276997O)23  
AHSG (LO000369S)39  
AHSP (LO379018C)162  
AICDA (LO052781X)125  
AIF1 (LO370109U)61  
AIF1L (LO373897L)95  
AIFM1 (LO094579I)X3  
AIFM2 (LO043168W)107  
AIFM3 (LO161064S)227  
AIG1 (LO028292X)667  
AIM1 (LO032862V)635  
AIM1L (LO039033S)111  
AIMP1 (LO367282C)43  
AIMP2 (LO372458D)71  
AIP (LO060436T)112  
AIPL1 (LO066201P)1711  
AIRE (LO014720O)217  
AJAP1 (LO040069T)157  
AK1 (LO000351J)97  
AK2 (LO047837D)14  
AK2P1 (LO148885I)11  
AK3 (LO071578C)919  
AK3P4 (LO368790H)54  
AK4 (LO362328Y)122  
AK4P2 (LO369288K)52  
AK4P3 (LO375571C)121  
AK4P4 (LO374046Y)95  
AK4P5 (LO370713V)62  
AK4P6 (LO367536E)41  
AK5 (LO017879G)1112  
AK7 (LO040813Q)1418  
AK8 (LO373646D)950  
AKAP1 (LO003608R)1716  
AKAP10 (LO066195B)175  
AKAP11 (LO118187A)1312  
AKAP12 (LO020513L)667  
AKAP13 (LO007245S)15119  
AKAP14 (LO174089D)X4  
AKAP2 (LO023949B)926  
AKAP3 (LO038661Y)1212  
AKAP4 (LO101860Q)X2  
AKAP5 (LO184951C)143  
AKAP6 (LO003018M)14207  
AKAP7 (LO016759C)632  
AKAP8 (LO027535W)191  
AKAP8L (LO010520I)195  
AKAP9 (LO025357W)713  
AKD1 (LO369763I)631  
AKIP1 (LO374972G)112  
AKIRIN1 (LO362858G)12  
AKIRIN2 (LO370105Q)610  
AKNA (LO028543W)929  
AKNAD1 (LO362332T)125  
AKR1A1 (LO177796L)13  
AKR1B1 (LO024130K)77  
AKR1B10 (LO148979M)73  
AKR1B15 (LO371996J)73  
AKR1B1P1 (LO047978J)13  
AKR1B1P2 (LO145443V)32  
AKR1B1P3 (LO293482C)111  
AKR1B1P4 (LO327477E)132  
AKR1B1P5 (LO153781Z)145  
AKR1B1P6 (LO380370V)185  
AKR1B1P7 (LO028056V)193  
AKR1B1P8 (LO054810S)X2  
AKR1C1 (LO209118V)103  
AKR1C2 (LO169113V)104  
AKR1C3 (LO009522S)108  
AKR1C4 (LO047430S)1018  
AKR1CL1 (LO061473V)107  
AKR1CL2 (LO041604P)1011  
AKR1D1 (LO025049U)717  
AKR1D1P1 (LO362158Z)115  
AKR1E2 (LO374645D)101  
AKR7A2 (LO088906F)11  
AKR7A3 (LO003093P)14  
AKR7L (LO362874E)11  
AKT1 (LO194300R)143  
AKT1S1 (LO242896F)191  
AKT2 (LO217713V)193  
AKT3 (LO020585U)127  
AKTIP (LO055754A)164  
ALAD (LO000452L)917  
ALAS1 (LO216905X)34  
ALAS2 (LO126234S)X3  
ALB (LO000274N)43  
ALCAM (LO021602L)350  
ALDH16A1 (LO016261Q)194  
ALDH18A1 (LO034916X)1017  
ALDH1A1 (LO004070L)932  
ALDH1A2 (LO053744X)1523  
ALDH1A3 (LO218491Z)1512  
ALDH1B1 (LO050623Q)96  
ALDH1L1 (LO048891E)337  
ALDH1L2 (LO028968H)1225  
ALDH2 (LO000418N)1216  
ALDH3A1 (LO027919C)175  
ALDH3A2 (LO177215X)177  
ALDH3B1 (LO089309D)119  
ALDH3B2 (LO132524R)115  
ALDH4A1 (LO248347C)12  
ALDH5A1 (LO037702T)614  
ALDH6A1 (LO177213V)142  
ALDH7A1 (LO027035R)522  
ALDH7A1P3 (LO371404T)72  
ALDH8A1 (LO004465T)612  
ALDH9A1 (LO062421P)110  
ALDOA (LO065558D)163  
ALDOAP2 (LO041532P)101  
ALDOB (LO031291Q)97  
ALG1 (LO242115P)164  
ALG10 (LO044174U)123  
ALG10B (LO163122P)121  
ALG11 (LO217896H)132  
ALG12 (LO067952D)223  
ALG13 (LO382891F)X2  
ALG14 (LO029253V)115  
ALG1L (LO366240V)31  
ALG1L2 (LO366256C)31  
ALG3 (LO184980E)31  
ALG5 (LO057346Z)136  
ALG6 (LO031654T)113  
ALG8 (LO047173W)1113  
ALG9 (LO033383U)1111  
ALK (LO004757X)2353  
ALKBH1 (LO064932Y)1410  
ALKBH3 (LO040049R)1111  
ALKBH5 (LO103630N)177  
ALKBH7 (LO332619Y)192  
ALKBH8 (LO046742X)1124  
ALLC (LO022904R)223  
ALMS1 (LO022256R)231  
ALMS1P (LO364262X)22  
ALOX12 (LO061929B)176  
ALOX12B (LO096019Z)1711  
ALOX12P1 (LO065891D)176  
ALOX12P2 (LO186320U)174  
ALOX15 (LO082724X)174  
ALOX15B (LO073850X)176  
ALOX15P2 (LO373970D)94  
ALOX5 (LO037847D)1027  
ALOX5AP (LO057335X)1329  
ALOXE3 (LO143072R)1715  
ALPI (LO067579I)24  
ALPK1 (LO026252R)459  
ALPK2 (LO020874V)1875  
ALPK3 (LO064976G)1519  
ALPL (LO003024J)140  
ALPP (LO201992X)21  
ALPPL2 (LO200315L)21  
ALS2 (LO010445O)223  
ALS2CL (LO028712U)312  
ALS2CR11 (LO003719U)211  
ALS2CR12 (LO007856A)212  
ALS2CR8 (LO099302X)23  
ALU-A25 (LO000449R)81  
ALU-D1 (LO000447P)31  
ALU-HS2.25 (LO000477S)131  
ALU-HS2.43 (LO000465P)11  
ALU-HS3.23 (LO000494R)71  
ALU-HS4.14 (LO000464O)11  
ALU-HS4.32 (LO000466Q)121  
ALU-HS4.59 (LO000495S)91  
ALU-HS4.65 (LO000467R)91  
ALU-HS4.69 (LO000496T)61  
ALU-HS4.75 (LO000468S)31  
ALU-Sb19.10 (LO000497U)191  
ALU-Sb19.12 (LO000470L)191  
ALU-Sb19.3 (LO000469T)191  
ALU-Ya5NBC123 (LO000478T)51  
ALU-Ya5NBC132 (LO000479U)61  
ALU-Ya5NBC147 (LO000481N)121  
ALU-Ya5NBC148 (LO000482O)201  
ALU-Ya5NBC157 (LO000484Q)171  
ALU-Ya5NBC159 (LO000492P)11  
ALU-Ya5NBC171 (LO000485R)61  
ALU-Ya5NBC182 (LO000981S)71  
ALU-Ya5NBC208 (LO000488U)141  
ALU-Ya5NBC212 (LO000486S)71  
ALU-Ya5NBC221 (LO000487T)221  
ALU-Ya5NBC237 (LO000493Q)11  
ALU-Ya5NBC239 (LO000489V)91  
ALU-Ya5NBC241 (LO000490N)151  
ALU-Ya5NBC242 (LO000491O)71  
ALU-Ya5NBC27 (LO000471M)111  
ALU-Ya5NBC35 (LO000472N)71  
ALU-Ya5NBC45 (LO000473O)201  
ALU-Ya5NBC51 (LO000474P)31  
ALU-Ya5NBC54 (LO000475Q)61  
ALU-Ya5NBC61 (LO000476R)41  
ALX1 (LO055831W)126  
ALX3 (LO025726W)14  
ALX4 (LO040051K)1128  
AMACR (LO014811P)513  
AMBN (LO237595F)41  
AMBP (LO042868C)99  
AMBRA1 (LO052644V)1119  
AMD1 (LO318567E)62  
AMDHD1 (LO024978E)1210  
AMELX (LO218588G)X1  
AMFR (LO090443U)167  
AMH (LO381140R)191  
AMHR2 (LO058423W)124  
AMICA1 (LO002413K)1111  
AMIGO1 (LO017488C)13  
AMIGO2 (LO334970A)121  
AMMECR1 (LO081628Z)X14  
AMMECR1L (LO114711P)25  
AMN (LO074988K)141  
AMN1 (LO038145V)129  
AMOT (LO024490T)X19  
AMOTL1 (LO005657X)1120  
AMOTL2 (LO040500J)34  
AMPD1 (LO079503Y)15  
AMPD2 (LO186245A)14  
AMPD3 (LO013444Q)1125  
AMPH (LO020058P)7108  
AMTN (LO222002I)42  
AMY2B (LO071812T)14  
AMZ1 (LO023867A)711  
AMZ2 (LO066215U)172  
AMZ2P1 (LO379835J)171  
ANAPC1 (LO007787D)27  
ANAPC10 (LO011384R)44  
ANAPC13 (LO342335U)32  
ANAPC2 (LO222404O)91  
ANAPC4 (LO014423O)49  
ANAPC5 (LO027174V)126  
ANG (LO377263C)146  
ANGEL1 (LO004951T)147  
ANGEL2 (LO062633U)14  
ANGPT1 (LO006836X)887  
ANGPT2 (LO017378A)816  
ANGPT4 (LO020202G)2042  
ANGPTL2 (LO101399X)92  
ANGPTL4 (LO028474Z)193  
ANGPTL5 (LO060349W)1112  
ANGPTL6 (LO132498B)193  
ANK1 (LO017461T)877  
ANK2 (LO008642U)4179  
ANK3 (LO000920L)10138  
ANKAR (LO066967I)22  
ANKDD1A (LO073418X)158  
ANKDD1B (LO368242Z)519  
ANKFN1 (LO022188V)1776  
ANKFY1 (LO054217T)1717  
ANKH (LO011661P)550  
ANKHD1 (LO014908W)53  
ANKHD1-EIF4EBP3 (LO369155D)52  
ANKIB1 (LO025407S)710  
ANKK1 (LO002822O)1111  
ANKLE1 (LO380747D)196  
ANKLE2 (LO375712Z)126  
ANKMY1 (LO099343C)218  
ANKMY2 (LO028654Z)720  
ANKRA2 (LO137241S)52  
ANKRD1 (LO041059T)105  
ANKRD10 (LO132151N)139  
ANKRD11 (LO010461M)1628  
ANKRD12 (LO026717X)1820  
ANKRD13A (LO375987N)121  
ANKRD13B (LO213954Y)171  
ANKRD13C (LO036802T)111  
ANKRD13D (LO249028Z)111  
ANKRD16 (LO037619A)1025  
ANKRD17 (LO068727E)49  
ANKRD18A (LO190233S)93  
ANKRD18B (LO078595I)91  
ANKRD19P (LO374354A)91  
ANKRD2 (LO292870C)101  
ANKRD20A10P (LO376829J)133  
ANKRD20A8P (LO364632Y)23  
ANKRD20A9P (LO377194F)131  
ANKRD22 (LO026214P)1015  
ANKRD23 (LO364712X)21  
ANKRD24 (LO027262T)199  
ANKRD26 (LO038463Y)1011  
ANKRD26P1 (LO378702B)164  
ANKRD26P2 (LO376660C)137  
ANKRD26P3 (LO376637G)1312  
ANKRD27 (LO027477B)1922  
ANKRD28 (LO002982V)325  
ANKRD29 (LO066363Y)1817  
ANKRD30A (LO078689M)107  
ANKRD30B (LO103931R)187  
ANKRD30BP1 (LO381773D)212  
ANKRD31 (LO006690V)516  
ANKRD32 (LO061163R)510  
ANKRD33 (LO040888C)128  
ANKRD33B (LO368492G)532  
ANKRD34B (LO108629A)55  
ANKRD34C (LO099687N)155  
ANKRD35 (LO041708U)16  
ANKRD36 (LO364894I)22  
ANKRD36B (LO365086C)21  
ANKRD36BP1 (LO361934A)11  
ANKRD37 (LO281901V)41  
ANKRD39 (LO271345W)22  
ANKRD40 (LO011254N)173  
ANKRD42 (LO084670Z)1111  
ANKRD43 (LO069793I)51  
ANKRD44 (LO008330O)280  
ANKRD45 (LO011438R)17  
ANKRD46 (LO135323R)88  
ANKRD49 (LO251140N)111  
ANKRD5 (LO381317X)206  
ANKRD50 (LO107384X)45  
ANKRD53 (LO029408X)28  
ANKRD54 (LO382564C)221  
ANKRD55 (LO015687B)545  
ANKRD56 (LO200555R)42  
ANKRD58 (LO203001G)X1  
ANKRD6 (LO049408Z)644  
ANKRD60 (LO381318Y)2010  
ANKRD62 (LO380223S)189  
ANKRD62P1-PARP4P3 (LO382415X)223  
ANKRD63 (LO378258H)151  
ANKRD7 (LO002747U)77  
ANKRD9 (LO345371X)141  
ANKS1A (LO083193Y)641  
ANKS1B (LO023397Y)12298  
ANKS3 (LO138167A)165  
ANKS4B (LO019131P)169  
ANKS6 (LO042966B)910  
ANKUB1 (LO365593F)315  
ANKZF1 (LO186939K)21  
ANLN (LO024100H)717  
ANO1 (LO374748H)1143  
ANO1-AS2 (LO375300S)115  
ANO10 (LO365604Y)328  
ANO2 (LO375549H)12144  
ANO3 (LO374705A)11121  
ANO4 (LO375561B)12135  
ANO5 (LO375184C)1115  
ANO6 (LO375675H)1242  
ANO7 (LO363691C)211  
ANO8 (LO380832Y)191  
ANO9 (LO375226Z)117  
ANP32A (LO053785C)1510  
ANP32AP1 (LO378116A)151  
ANP32B (LO050992Z)94  
ANP32BP2 (LO382276C)223  
ANP32D (LO304038S)121  
ANP32E (LO059619E)14  
ANPEP (LO005021I)1514  
ANTXR1 (LO021044L)278  
ANTXR2 (LO012899D)429  
ANTXRL (LO047564A)1016  
ANUBL1 (LO039017U)106  
ANXA1 (LO035444U)914  
ANXA10 (LO076500S)419  
ANXA11 (LO041435R)1019  
ANXA13 (LO003949Z)829  
ANXA2 (LO053753X)1511  
ANXA2P3 (LO051396Y)107  
ANXA3 (LO014282R)425  
ANXA4 (LO023018O)219  
ANXA5 (LO011431K)411  
ANXA6 (LO002101E)546  
ANXA7 (LO051479A)105  
ANXA9 (LO153452U)15  
AOAH (LO002310G)795  
AOC2 (LO011372O)171  
AOC3 (LO359720A)171  
AOX1 (LO021300G)228  
AOX2P (LO363802W)243  
AP1AR (LO367445D)44  
AP1B1 (LO067963F)2210  
AP1B1P1 (LO382430U)223  
AP1G1 (LO002685V)166  
AP1G2 (LO377552D)142  
AP1M1 (LO090955C)197  
AP1M2 (LO027290U)192  
AP1S1 (LO309200O)72  
AP1S2 (LO153311O)X4  
AP1S3 (LO048789K)225  
AP2A1 (LO027450S)196  
AP2A2 (LO039029X)1110  
AP2B1 (LO002103G)1726  
AP2M1 (LO075555B)35  
AP2S1 (LO214317S)192  
AP3B1 (LO001093N)534  
AP3B2 (LO039433W)158  
AP3D1 (LO021219P)1911  
AP3M1 (LO043186W)102  
AP3M2 (LO033746X)84  
AP3S1 (LO037056V)514  
AP3S2 (LO065416W)157  
AP4B1 (LO038693D)13  
AP4E1 (LO037021N)1516  
AP4M1 (LO109963C)71  
AP4S1 (LO019301O)148  
APAF1 (LO038729D)1217  
APBA1 (LO026217S)966  
APBA2 (LO020816R)1550  
APBA3 (LO066572A)196  
APBB1 (LO041417R)118  
APBB1IP (LO019526X)1047  
APBB2 (LO001734P)4120  
APBB3 (LO368316B)53  
APC (LO036196Z)527  
APC2 (LO243076W)191  
APCDD1 (LO033441P)1828  
APCDD1L (LO040305M)2023  
APCS (LO123865Z)11  
APEH (LO245470W)31  
APEX1 (LO157753C)143  
APH1B (LO021432M)1510  
API5 (LO052584Y)113  
APIP (LO159323X)119  
APITD1 (LO106185V)12  
APITD1-CORT (LO362120O)13  
APLF (LO364392B)211  
APLN (LO184996L)X6  
APLNR (LO374849J)118  
APLP1 (LO074231R)193  
APLP2 (LO005318R)1119  
APOA1 (LO000446O)111  
APOA1BP (LO362859H)12  
APOA2 (LO062030L)13  
APOA4 (LO000590O)112  
APOB (LO000199T)228  
APOBEC1 (LO028186Z)125  
APOBEC2 (LO177389J)61  
APOBEC3A (LO154364X)224  
APOBEC3B (LO180290U)222  
APOBEC3C (LO082990C)223  
APOBEC3F (LO173437Z)224  
APOBEC3G (LO082977H)223  
APOBEC3H (LO119566C)225  
APOC1 (LO228818D)191  
APOC2 (LO000372M)191  
APOC3 (LO000557R)116  
APOC4 (LO380638C)192  
APOE (LO000321G)196  
APOH (LO160071P)1721  
APOL1 (LO117045S)2217  
APOL2 (LO013523O)228  
APOL3 (LO110556S)2223  
APOL4 (LO110715P)2214  
APOL5 (LO131607S)229  
APOL6 (LO254548C)225  
APOLD1 (LO053073S)1222  
APOO (LO088698N)X6  
APOOL (LO382695H)X6  
APOPT1 (LO377396J)141  
APP (LO009030M)2189  
APPBP2 (LO083004P)178  
APPL1 (LO062647Z)35  
APPL2 (LO040934U)1219  
APRT (LO243054S)162  
APTX (LO021010E)96  
AQP1 (LO014955Y)77  
AQP10 (LO273943C)12  
AQP11 (LO174436Z)113  
AQP12A (LO099345E)21  
AQP12B (LO042129S)22  
AQP2 (LO211213K)125  
AQP3 (LO038360U)97  
AQP4 (LO066317X)189  
AQP5 (LO218125T)121  
AQP6 (LO172499G)122  
AQP7 (LO087863G)95  
AQP8 (LO040082O)163  
AQP9 (LO010750N)1528  
AQPEP (LO368497L)561  
AQR (LO020376S)1526  
AR (LO000600G)X8  
ARAF (LO177197G)X3  
ARAP1 (LO374869L)1124  
ARAP2 (LO366880F)446  
ARAP3 (LO368380C)58  
ARC (LO017632T)81  
ARCN1 (LO038235V)112  
AREG (LO141225P)42  
AREGB (LO367226A)41  
ARF1 (LO218242T)12  
ARF1P1 (LO134432R)71  
ARF1P3 (LO373063W)81  
ARF3 (LO055826A)122  
ARF4 (LO062003L)35  
ARF4P1 (LO373857H)91  
ARF4P3 (LO101694V)133  
ARF4P4 (LO377002T)131  
ARF4P5 (LO362873D)15  
ARF5 (LO372400Q)72  
ARFGAP1 (LO261528Y)202  
ARFGAP2 (LO037729C)113  
ARFGAP3 (LO021852S)228  
ARFGEF1 (LO050039R)810  
ARFGEF2 (LO057704X)2015  
ARFIP1 (LO013534Q)412  
ARFIP2 (LO374903A)114  
ARFRP1 (LO381385C)201  
ARG1 (LO370155V)62  
ARG2 (LO030014I)147  
ARGFX (LO068351X)39  
ARGFXP1 (LO108722U)53  
ARGLU1 (LO218132R)133  
ARGM1 (LO379714F)171  
ARHGAP1 (LO115566Y)113  
ARHGAP10 (LO013058R)471  
ARHGAP11A (LO065084X)151  
ARHGAP12 (LO009831V)1020  
ARHGAP15 (LO003349T)2157  
ARHGAP16P (LO294834E)141  
ARHGAP17 (LO143852X)1612  
ARHGAP18 (LO024066S)656  
ARHGAP19 (LO004101G)1014  
ARHGAP19-SLIT1 (LO374617C)104  
ARHGAP20 (LO004548V)1136  
ARHGAP21 (LO038110N)1023  
ARHGAP22 (LO007010I)1080  
ARHGAP23 (LO268048C)1710  
ARHGAP24 (LO010829U)4135  
ARHGAP25 (LO009057V)262  
ARHGAP26 (LO004017M)5157  
ARHGAP27 (LO002892V)176  
ARHGAP28 (LO037757D)1830  
ARHGAP29 (LO008003L)116  
ARHGAP30 (LO038263W)13  
ARHGAP31 (LO365526B)349  
ARHGAP32 (LO374765G)1128  
ARHGAP33 (LO380658E)198  
ARHGAP35 (LO380690A)197  
ARHGAP36 (LO382652A)X7  
ARHGAP39 (LO372771B)87  
ARHGAP4 (LO177124W)X2  
ARHGAP40 (LO381252V)2022  
ARHGAP42 (LO374739H)11108  
ARHGAP44 (LO379364G)1755  
ARHGAP5 (LO079841D)145  
ARHGAP6 (LO003029O)X56  
ARHGAP8 (LO013719V)2229  
ARHGAP9 (LO184936F)122  
ARHGDIB (LO031423N)1212  
ARHGDIG (LO378595L)161  
ARHGEF1 (LO001221G)194  
ARHGEF10 (LO016088X)890  
ARHGEF10L (LO031573T)140  
ARHGEF11 (LO001542M)125  
ARHGEF12 (LO003375S)1118  
ARHGEF15 (LO187182B)176  
ARHGEF16 (LO094615Z)16  
ARHGEF17 (LO072371U)117  
ARHGEF18 (LO011488W)1921  
ARHGEF19 (LO183966H)12  
ARHGEF2 (LO061847A)15  
ARHGEF25 (LO375898O)121  
ARHGEF26 (LO365429D)321  
ARHGEF26-AS1 (LO365660A)318  
ARHGEF3 (LO017325S)3105  
ARHGEF33 (LO363567E)29  
ARHGEF37 (LO368546G)518  
ARHGEF38 (LO366698M)440  
ARHGEF4 (LO021927V)224  
ARHGEF40 (LO377357G)145  
ARHGEF5 (LO154544X)73  
ARHGEF6 (LO213364T)X8  
ARHGEF7 (LO011175P)1350  
ARHGEF9 (LO078727F)X4  
ARID1A (LO061205O)13  
ARID1B (LO009101L)6119  
ARID2 (LO058820X)1210  
ARID3A (LO136329Y)1910  
ARID3B (LO053813U)158  
ARID3C (LO374327A)91  
ARID4A (LO019447Z)149  
ARID4B (LO030946W)112  
ARID5A (LO364265A)22  
ARID5B (LO011494T)1053  
ARIH1 (LO053807X)1517  
ARIH2 (LO250994D)34  
ARIH2P1 (LO380213R)185  
ARL1 (LO055630T)126  
ARL10 (LO023179W)52  
ARL11 (LO301848Y)132  
ARL13A (LO182675D)X4  
ARL13B (LO233605T)32  
ARL14 (LO189584J)33  
ARL15 (LO007021K)5164  
ARL17A (LO379710B)171  
ARL2 (LO273140R)112  
ARL2BP (LO155344W)164  
ARL2BPP1 (LO380297D)185  
ARL2BPP2 (LO375799O)123  
ARL2BPP3 (LO376729I)133  
ARL2BPP7 (LO373760A)97  
ARL2BPP8 (LO379539K)174  
ARL3 (LO046374Y)104  
ARL4A (LO185144X)72  
ARL4C (LO114277W)25  
ARL5A (LO021768Y)22  
ARL5B (LO043428V)106  
ARL5C (LO379315C)179  
ARL6 (LO011474R)37  
ARL6IP1 (LO198685L)161  
ARL6IP5 (LO099868O)36  
ARL6IP6 (LO032474U)210  
ARL8A (LO250062P)14  
ARL8B (LO068257C)38  
ARL9 (LO097521Y)44  
ARMC1 (LO078091Z)84  
ARMC10 (LO239275C)72  
ARMC2 (LO006124N)627  
ARMC3 (LO034704S)1032  
ARMC4 (LO043304O)1035  
ARMC5 (LO057455A)161  
ARMC7 (LO073771Z)174  
ARMC8 (LO104356T)311  
ARMC9 (LO032669A)232  
ARMCX2 (LO088655G)X5  
ARMCX3 (LO207139W)X1  
ARMCX3-AS1 (LO382875H)X1  
ARMCX4 (LO010498W)X10  
ARMCX5-GPRASP2 (LO382697J)X4  
ARMETL1 (LO272494C)103  
ARMS2 (LO201919W)102  
ARNT (LO026358Y)17  
ARNT2 (LO026927A)1556  
ARNTL (LO038490Y)1143  
ARNTL2 (LO026999J)1241  
ARP11 (LO115520O)71  
ARPC1A (LO024389A)74  
ARPC1B (LO025088X)73  
ARPC2 (LO021778Z)212  
ARPC3P2 (LO363071U)12  
ARPC3P3 (LO374901Y)113  
ARPC3P5 (LO370335V)65  
ARPC4 (LO265024T)32  
ARPC4-TTLL3 (LO365432X)33  
ARPC5 (LO047725Z)13  
ARPC5L (LO187223X)91  
ARPM1 (LO366360Y)31  
ARPP19 (LO378087H)156  
ARPP21 (LO365598K)341  
ARR3 (LO218937E)X1  
ARRB1 (LO060727W)1126  
ARRB2 (LO218341T)173  
ARRDC2 (LO037785E)193  
ARRDC3 (LO131723R)51  
ARRDC4 (LO090231P)153  
ARRDC5 (LO027872A)194  
ARSA (LO108315S)227  
ARSB (LO015445T)582  
ARSD (LO184940A)X4  
ARSE (LO258222V)X1  
ARSF (LO037606W)X4  
ARSG (LO011638T)1729  
ARSI (LO225990B)53  
ARSJ (LO013514O)422  
ARSK (LO036138V)58  
ART1 (LO052317S)116  
ART2P (LO060705S)115  
ART3 (LO055040O)431  
ART4 (LO040237Q)128  
ART5 (LO126078Y)116  
ARTN (LO362583B)11  
ARV1 (LO040659Y)13  
ARVCF (LO010926S)2231  
ARX (LO186720Y)X4  
AS3MT (LO029330R)1015  
ASAH1 (LO005729X)822  
ASAH2 (LO034755Y)107  
ASAP1 (LO372477E)867  
ASAP2 (LO363573B)256  
ASAP3 (LO362344W)17  
ASB1 (LO217843Z)24  
ASB10 (LO186045Y)73  
ASB11 (LO256711W)X9  
ASB13 (LO014292S)1023  
ASB14 (LO116578C)33  
ASB15 (LO003039P)76  
ASB16 (LO379938N)171  
ASB17 (LO010964U)17  
ASB18 (LO363940Z)215  
ASB2 (LO073168Z)1412  
ASB3 (LO001673R)216  
ASB4 (LO009974D)724  
ASB5 (LO013571R)420  
ASB7 (LO082667D)1515  
ASB8 (LO376032V)121  
ASB9 (LO007265U)X13  
ASB9P1 (LO378223Z)153  
ASCC1 (LO051475W)1023  
ASCC2 (LO037994G)228  
ASCC3 (LO009156V)651  
ASCL1 (LO000501G)124  
ASCL2 (LO325559D)111  
ASCL3 (LO375091Z)112  
ASCL4 (LO055707Y)122  
ASF1A (LO057642Y)61  
ASF1B (LO027904W)192  
ASGR2 (LO029004P)178  
ASH1L (LO039092X)112  
ASH2L (LO195134X)83  
ASH2LP1 (LO382553A)227  
ASIP (LO008098Z)205  
ASL (LO093529C)74  
ASLP1 (LO382569H)224  
ASNA1 (LO333446X)192  
ASNS (LO024873Y)79  
ASNSP1 (LO372798K)87  
ASNSP3 (LO376665H)132  
ASPA (LO073822W)1718  
ASPG (LO377316B)147  
ASPH (LO042341O)843  
ASPHD2 (LO029198D)226  
ASPM (LO041953W)14  
ASPRV1 (LO364372Z)21  
ASPSCR1 (LO304196X)172  
ASRGL1 (LO041433P)119  
ASS1 (LO041522O)933  
ASS1P1 (LO369576K)66  
ASS1P10 (LO368771G)53  
ASS1P11 (LO371708A)75  
ASS1P12 (LO374445B)91  
ASS1P13 (LO374884I)114  
ASS1P14 (LO375663E)123  
ASS1P3 (LO374507A)91  
ASS1P8 (LO366812A)41  
ASS1P9 (LO368334B)52  
ASTE1 (LO365436B)33  
ASTL (LO022778A)23  
ASTN1 (LO015158U)158  
ASTN2 (LO002997B)9400  
ASXL1 (LO187029B)205  
ASXL2 (LO029403S)216  
ASXL3 (LO033491U)1845  
ASZ1 (LO024693Y)78  
ATAD1 (LO072180S)105  
ATAD2 (LO017936A)86  
ATAD2B (LO091481X)211  
ATAD3A (LO345720V)11  
ATAD3B (LO333692A)11  
ATAD5 (LO218214S)177  
ATAT1 (LO369839M)64  
ATCAY (LO027578D)1911  
ATE1 (LO010789Z)1038  
ATF1 (LO040877A)128  
ATF2 (LO062602Q)27  
ATF3 (LO011172M)132  
ATF5 (LO206233Q)193  
ATF6 (LO005140K)132  
ATF6B (LO369463F)62  
ATF7 (LO058424X)1216  
ATF7IP (LO040236P)1216  
ATF7IP2 (LO065670Y)1610  
ATG10 (LO014598B)530  
ATG12 (LO218426X)54  
ATG13 (LO374710W)117  
ATG14 (LO377557I)148  
ATG16L1 (LO022205L)219  
ATG16L2 (LO061798F)114  
ATG2A (LO151749B)114  
ATG2B (LO101285R)149  
ATG3 (LO106106O)35  
ATG3P1 (LO381461X)203  
ATG4A (LO165652Z)X3  
ATG4C (LO010868X)121  
ATG4D (LO171614U)191  
ATG5 (LO030200F)627  
ATG7 (LO075730W)340  
ATG9A (LO041787B)22  
ATG9B (LO189871I)72  
ATHL1 (LO374948J)114  
ATIC (LO074622V)213  
ATL1 (LO377369J)149  
ATL2 (LO363561Y)212  
ATL3 (LO374934E)113  
ATM (LO000297S)1132  
ATMIN (LO118967G)166  
ATN1 (LO011051I)125  
ATOH1 (LO069024V)42  
ATOH7 (LO186842D)103  
ATOH8 (LO029792D)219  
ATOX1 (LO150303M)54  
ATP10A (LO028993F)15101  
ATP10B (LO008204O)584  
ATP10D (LO012895Z)440  
ATP11A (LO056766E)1351  
ATP11B (LO008736Y)317  
ATP11C (LO099113X)X7  
ATP12A (LO034385X)1315  
ATP13A1 (LO027694C)194  
ATP13A2 (LO177393E)14  
ATP13A3 (LO075510S)35  
ATP13A4 (LO001023G)321  
ATP13A5 (LO001940O)322  
ATP1A1 (LO007898G)13  
ATP1A1OS (LO362219X)14  
ATP1A2 (LO024042M)117  
ATP1A3 (LO184364A)193  
ATP1A4 (LO031871U)131  
ATP1B1 (LO027324S)116  
ATP1B2 (LO135932X)173  
ATP1B3 (LO033349W)314  
ATP1B3P1 (LO099816H)25  
ATP1B4 (LO163847D)X9  
ATP2A1 (LO270806X)162  
ATP2A2 (LO053481V)125  
ATP2A3 (LO016171Q)1715  
ATP2B1 (LO033719X)1216  
ATP2B2 (LO068152W)3110  
ATP2B3 (LO185078D)X7  
ATP2B4 (LO008178Y)131  
ATP2C1 (LO002249R)319  
ATP2C2 (LO057411S)16102  
ATP4A (LO003990V)199  
ATP4B (LO102242L)134  
ATP5A1 (LO196652D)187  
ATP5A1P2 (LO364174Z)21  
ATP5C1 (LO061581V)108  
ATP5C1P1 (LO377501X)144  
ATP5D (LO187164B)191  
ATP5EP1 (LO092310P)44  
ATP5EP2 (LO376852F)131  
ATP5F1 (LO079526D)14  
ATP5F1P2 (LO371679H)75  
ATP5F1P4 (LO363968J)25  
ATP5F1P5 (LO375396H)111  
ATP5F1P6 (LO370309W)61  
ATP5G1 (LO281975G)171  
ATP5G1P4 (LO366541Z)31  
ATP5G1P5 (LO377202V)131  
ATP5G2 (LO089436E)123  
ATP5G2P1 (LO362619B)11  
ATP5G2P2 (LO377603A)141  
ATP5G2P4 (LO382672C)X3  
ATP5G3 (LO104916V)23  
ATP5H (LO035595B)173  
ATP5J (LO205575Y)212  
ATP5J2P5 (LO241011J)124  
ATP5LP2 (LO108965D)64  
ATP5LP3 (LO237725A)41  
ATP5LP4 (LO367809H)42  
ATP5LP5 (LO365821Z)37  
ATP5O (LO054722U)218  
ATP5S (LO089885M)141  
ATP5SL (LO054536X)193  
ATP6AP1 (LO057758G)X2  
ATP6AP1L (LO368298K)55  
ATP6AP2 (LO211282Q)X3  
ATP6V0A1 (LO011259S)1710  
ATP6V0A2 (LO038623W)127  
ATP6V0A4 (LO024346T)731  
ATP6V0CP3 (LO370675C)61  
ATP6V0D1 (LO125866C)166  
ATP6V0D2 (LO004137P)822  
ATP6V0E1 (LO015059U)511  
ATP6V0E1P3 (LO364578H)22  
ATP6V0E2 (LO222620O)72  
ATP6V1A (LO105905U)33  
ATP6V1B1 (LO015843V)212  
ATP6V1B2 (LO007470S)88  
ATP6V1C1 (LO119996J)819  
ATP6V1C2 (LO048586F)211  
ATP6V1D (LO162160Q)141  
ATP6V1E1 (LO011117L)2214  
ATP6V1E1P1 (LO362217V)15  
ATP6V1E2 (LO173318X)25  
ATP6V1F (LO125956C)71  
ATP6V1G1 (LO019005P)96  
ATP6V1G1P2 (LO372987K)83  
ATP6V1G1P3 (LO374435A)91  
ATP6V1G3 (LO080862Y)14  
ATP6V1H (LO012743R)814  
ATP7B (LO009949F)1316  
ATP7BP1 (LO380112P)182  
ATP8A1 (LO012910N)468  
ATP8A2 (LO002069R)13184  
ATP8B1 (LO057555B)1846  
ATP8B2 (LO063391W)111  
ATP8B3 (LO027277Z)1912  
ATP8B4 (LO010748U)1589  
ATP8B5P (LO373828F)912  
ATP9A (LO000645P)2047  
ATP9B (LO003627S)1848  
ATPAF1 (LO003471P)18  
ATPAF1-AS1 (LO362113Q)12  
ATPBD4 (LO022663T)1535  
ATPIF1 (LO335006R)12  
ATR (LO042151N)311  
ATRIP (LO075483B)33  
ATRN (LO009825Y)2052  
ATRNL1 (LO003242L)10154  
ATRX (LO004705Q)X1  
ATXN1 (LO001724O)6206  
ATXN10 (LO029901V)2252  
ATXN1L (LO379048F)161  
ATXN2 (LO187157D)1210  
ATXN2L (LO073676D)162  
ATXN3 (LO019795F)1413  
ATXN3L (LO101803N)X4  
ATXN7 (LO037659E)315  
ATXN7L1 (LO014185T)766  
ATXN7L2 (LO062070P)14  
ATXN7L3 (LO065968I)172  
ATXN7L3B (LO375758J)123  
ATXN8OS (LO025066T)1313  
AUH (LO023485W)923  
AURKA (LO029776F)209  
AURKAIP1 (LO198903E)12  
AURKAPS2 (LO149369G)102  
AURKB (LO212951U)173  
AURKC (LO010496U)194  
AUTS2 (LO003205K)7215  
AVEN (LO020384R)1547  
AVIL (LO186480B)121  
AVL9 (LO371557C)712  
AVP (LO201986A)201  
AVPI1 (LO028492Z)104  
AVPR1A (LO038839F)122  
AWAT1 (LO382754D)X3  
AWAT2 (LO382776H)X2  
AXDND1 (LO362290W)149  
AXIN1 (LO065634Y)1622  
AXIN2 (LO090607W)1711  
AXL (LO090927B)196  
AZFP (LO365007V)21  
AZGP1 (LO195412W)73  
AZGP1P1 (LO371347Z)71  
AZGP1P2 (LO371739E)72  
AZI1 (LO186034W)179  
AZI2 (LO079981I)33  
AZIN1 (LO018410O)813  
AZU1 (LO090944A)192  

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